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About Graham

Graham Wilkinson
Wellness Coach & Energy Healer
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With over 20,000 hours of research, consultations and treatments, Graham helps people with chronic pain and fatigue, often when no one else has been able to...

After a car accident in 1990 resulting in a brain injury and whiplash Graham had over 220 visits to medical professionals, often prescribing medications and no long-term relief.


Desperate to find a solution Graham turned to the East and found Energy Healing to heal his own body. Graham has trained not only in Bowen Therapy, he has added other modalities; BodyTalk System, Emmett Technique, Reiki, aspects of Chinese Medicine, Mind-Body Medicine, Energy Healing, Chakra Balancing and Nutrition.


Graham also uses home remedies as a pivotal part of his programs; combined with Biofield pictures and Energy Healing he’s had hundreds of happy customers.


Graham has had a successful complementary health practice across New Zealand and Australia. He is often the person people turn to when they have tried everything else. Regularly other practitioners have sent clients to Graham for the same reason.


Graham works with energy medicine and biofield technology practice and research. Now based in Waihi, Graham continues his complementary health practice along with promoting and providing training in the latest biofield technologies.


Early in 2000, Graham set up the Baywide Bowen Clinic in the Bay of Plenty and successfully ran this practice for eight years before moving to Wellington in 2008.


He went to Wellington with the breakthrough biofield technology, the first of its kind in New Zealand. The benefit and added value of his clients are profound.


He travelled to India to learn more and train in the technology and has formed a partnership with Dr. Thornton Streeter, DSc. CEO of the Centre for Biofield Sciences (CBS), India and the UK. 


“We Know our Healing Works, so we go out of our way to show it is”!


Today Graham provides treatments that are unique and meet individuals needs. Please call Graham on 027 897 0980 or email him for more information or to arrange an appointment from his Waihi Beach location.

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