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ES-Teck Body Scan

Example of full body scan image from ES-Teck Body Scan technology

ES Teck Body Scan System


The ES Teck System is scientifically validated, total body health scanning device allowing the practitioner to quickly and non-invasively get an accurate reading on the health status of all organs of your body.


What this means to you... 

Eliminate the guesswork, by getting an accurate overview of the whole of your body, early detection of serious problems can be averted. If you have been troubled for some time this can shed some light as to why.


Nobody needs to be told of the benefits of being alerted to health risk at an early stage, more accurate decisions can be prioritised regarding treatment.


As a practitioner who is used to helping clients with long-term difficulties, I can only explain it is like leading them from a dark room and turning on the lights. Information is enlightening. The majority of these people find that many issues (some very serious) have been overlooked.


Modern practitioners will want to show and demonstrate to even the most discerning of clients that they are making a difference, doing this with insightful technology is often the most effective way. 


The clients once introduced to ES-Teck, find the information invaluable, and most cannot wait for the follow-up.


This is cutting-edge technology used widely in Europe, Asia and the USA, hailed as a breakthrough product for its ease of use and accuracy. Dr Albert Maarek who invented the technology has relocated from France to Florida, USA. Numerous Scientific research has qualified the accuracy and is available. It is a quantum leap up in Bio-Impedance Technology.


Two electrode points are placed on the forehead, feet, hands, on pads,  An extremely low DC current is applied (below 50KHz). The current flows within the interstitial fluid and the ES-Teck is able to measure the bioelectrical impedance of the substances within this fluid. 

Interstitial fluid surrounds all body cells but is outside of the bloodstream and lymphatic system. The interstitial fluid forms the microscopic interface between all body cells and the bloodstream. 


Being able to run a series of test in less than 5 minutes means we can see impending danger, then accurately monitor the effectiveness of prior treatment programs, and of course, monitor our own progress.


I believe that certain damage can often be reversed, and I find since having the ES-Teck verifying this information is invaluable. I take my work very seriously, therefore I need to provide my client with information that quantifies that position.


The full benefits of ES-Teck are the follow-up. You can see the results of some very difficult cases.

  • quick, painless and harmless

  • noninvasive - and there is no need to undress

  • helps people understand their health using easy-to-view graphical charts and images

  • monitoring and measuring for health status and progress

  • see and measure the effectiveness of therapies, diet and lifestyle

  • saves time and money

  • set realistic goals for improving wellness and health


A number of issues which the ES Teck Body Scan brings into focus:

  • Biochemical, hormonal and neuro-hormonal balance

  • Body Mass Index and body composition

  • Cellular mitochondrial activity and organic enzyme activity

  • Functional status of organs (e.g. liver, heart, lungs, kidneys)

  • Acid-base balance

  • Oxygen, carbon dioxide and ATP metabolism

  • The digestive system

  • Inflammation

  • Stress, cholesterol


ES-Teck has been:

  • Licenced in Canada

  • KEMA Certified ISO13485:2003 in the United States

  • Approved by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration

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