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“I suffered from fibromyalgia, had no energy, was stressed, and had jaw pain and migraines. I had been off work eight weeks trying different treatments and was on heavy medication before I met Graham. He gave me immediate relief; I soon returned to work and was soon full-time again. I have had four years pain free. Nobody can believe it! I refer 100s to Graham.”

- Maureen


“For years I suffered Dizziness, chronic stiffness of my neck and mid back region. At this time, I knew nothing about TMJ (Jaw) and its relationship with body alignment and general well being. I had a headache, general fatigue and nausea when I first went to Healthwise. I used to get a neck adjustment every time I had a bad headache, which was costly and short lived. When nothing else worked, I tried Graham. A scan was taken which showed areas of inflammation and poor body alignment. My jaw was inflamed, with severe inflammation radiating from my shoulders and neck. When no registered medical practitioner could get to the root cause of my health problems, Graham looked at a number of holistic factors and began work with bowen and reiki treatments. After about 8 treatments, another scan was taken which showed a marked improvement in body alignment. I have never felt better and continue to benefit from the treatments regularly.

Mike S.


“A motorcycling trail riding crash in 2007 left me with permanent pain in my right shoulder akin to constant toothache.  Previously similar injuries were successfully treated by a chiropractor or osteopath but not this one. Multiple visits made no difference.  An orthopaedic surgeon sent me for x-rays and scans. The problem could not be identified but it was real. An advertisement in a local newspaper sent me to Healthwise Energy Centre. My initial reaction was ultimate scepticism. It didn't last. Don't ask me to explain Graham's treatment; I slept through most of it. But work it certainly does. His recommendation for some key supplements also keeps me pain free.” - Chris G.


“The work Graham has done has restored my energy levels so that I am to function well all day (most days). I have followed his advice and as a result my level of health has improved. But the greatest improvement for me is energy, not just physical but the mental and emotional energy required to be a mum and wife, with something left over for myself. Thank you.”

- Karen C


“It is always a pleasure to come to Healthwise Energy Centre. Right from the beginning I felt at home there. After having suffered from chronic pain for more than 10 years, and having treatments that focussed heavily and sometimes aggressively on only one part of my body; it is a relief to experience the holistic and non-invasive treatment that Graham does. He’s a salt of the earth kind of guy with a great big heart and brings these qualities to his work in a very inspiring way. I’d like to say that he’s a magician but the work he and the others do at Healthwise is strongly backed up by research and the PIP imaging they do. I see and feel the changes I’m making and it feels great. After only one week of treatment I noticed really significant shifts in my energy and spirits and feel as if I am getting stronger and stronger all the time. As my health and energy improve many of the things I had hoped are falling into place. I feel hopeful and excited about life again. This is top-notch five star alternative health care.”

- Ruth.


“Graham has helped me relax my jaw muscle and taught me a lot about self help, from keeping up the water intake to prevent dehydration, breathing for oxygenating the brain and relaxing me, iodine replenishing, morning honey an cider vinegar to name but a few. The fascinating electronic body monitoring set them apart.

- Pamela B


“I had migraine and vision problems, PMT, hormonal problems, neck, back and shoulder pain. Before meeting Graham I had tried everything. He helped me overcome these problems and has given me much better health. I also saw him for treatments over five years for stress and sports injuries.  He will be dearly missed in NZ.”

- Robyn P.


“After experiencing a very stressful situation in my life, I found myself tensing up constantly and eventually my body went into muscle tightness whereby everything simply seized up. This caused severe pain as my shoulder and neck muscles. I was completely taken by surprise at how gentle the treatment was and I knew it had unlocked something, as I felt very nauseous the next day, as the toxins had been released. I went back weekly, then monthly and I could not believe the difference in the level of pain as it diminished and after eight weeks non-existent. I went back to work and have been full-time ever since. I have kept up the bi-monthly treatments now over four years for what I call 'preventative treatment'. I totally endorse the work Graham Wilkinson does.” 

- M. Giles


“I was stressed with headaches, neck pain and pain running down my arms. I was exhausted and could not sleep. It was amazing seeing my PIP image, I could see for myself a number of problems. Graham's treatments incorporated healing of the body and mind, what a dramatic change. I highly recommend his work.” 

- Heather T


“With DVT [Deep Vein Thrombosis] at 21 years old, blood clots caused my leg to almost die. I had nine years of pain. I had been unable to work for eight months prior to meeting Graham. I was back a work the next week!” 

- Denise F


“Since being treated at Healthwise Energy Centre I have discovered that the success of treatment is by working with a regular programme over a long period of time. The overall pain in my body has lessened, muscle spasms are minimal, fluid retention has improved, brain fog has minimised, sugar levels have stabilised and I have more energy. The most amazing side effect of this treatment is a straighter back and better posture, which is being noticed by other people. Also muscles are a lot more flexible.”

- Maria W.


“Hey Graham, thanks for the healing - haven't had even a twinge since your treatment - Great!  I certainly hope with all my heart that my wife benefits to the same extent.  See you again I'm sure. Peace and Plenty, Robèrt.”


"I have seen Graham in his practice taking on the most difficult of cases and quickly making a huge impact of the lives of his clients. Graham is truly a master practitioner. For myself; I have had a spinal injury for many years and only after a few treatments with Graham I have never felt better." 

- Dr Thornton Streeter, CEO, The Centre for Biofield Sciences


Shayne's Video Testimonial

“For 12 years I had serious depression and anxiety and was suicidal on a daily basis basically... I tried a number of different health practitioners and doctors… and sort of really only ever moved closer to feeling a little bit better very slowly, it was never enough for me…, I was prepared to try anything… I came in and went through the process, and here we are a year later and I can’t wipe the smile off my face basically, my whole life has changed back to how it was before I got sick and yeah, the change is incredible.”

Biofield view before treatments
Biofield view after treatments

Shayne Before                      Shayne After     

Karen's Video Testimonial

“I have a long history, I came in with a glandular fever type virus and I suffered for many years of fatigue, from then on it went down hill until I was diagnosed with ME… I started to feel tired again, I was regularly having a 3 hour sleep every day… , so I came to see Graham. When we did the second PIP Scan it was really obvious that my posture had changed very alarmingly… but I had a real noticeable change in my demeanour, and the big thing is I started to recoup some real serious energy which for me was really exactly what I was after.”

Sovaan's Video Testimonial

“The worse pain was in my jaw, especially when I tried eating… I came to Healthwise Energy Centre for a couple of sessions. I feel much better… like I’m changing, much better…I don’t have any questions, there’s no doubt its good. I feel healthy definitely, when I look back on last year I am a different person.

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