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A Typical Healthwise Mind/Body Energy Treatment Journey

Step 1. 15 Minute Introduction

The Body Heals Itself + Health & Lifestyle Questionnaire + Scan Guarantee 


Step 2. Initial 3 Hour Scan and Treatment Session

Body Scan & Scan Checklist

  • Bioifield View Scan

  • Auric View Scan

  • Chakra View Scan 

  • Scan Checklist; • 7 detox areas • Structure/posture • Venting areas • Joint health


Plus ES-Teck Full Body Scan:

193 Parameters > Review Results 


Plus Hands on treatment combining Bowen Therapy, Body Talk and Energy Healing and integrated wellness coaching session including Mind Mastery relaxation & meditation techniques 


Step 3. Ongoing Treatments, Coaching and Scans

  • Weekly Mind Mastery & Chakra Alignment 

  • Plus Weekly Hands on Treatments

  • Plus Coaching Check-in Calls

  • Plus Monthly ES-Teck Body Scan Sessions to review progress

Hands-on Treatments

Graham is trained in 12 different modalities from Bowen Technique to BodyTalk. A typical hands-on treatment is very gentle, where the practitioner uses thumbs and fingers to gently move muscles and tissues. In between each set of moves, the practitioner may leave the room, or he may stay and coach you through relaxation and breathing techniques. It can be extremelly relaxing and its not uncommon for clients to fall asleep during the session. 


These treatments are not massage, acupressure or chiropractic. There is no manipulation, adjustment or force used.


After a treatment you will be asked to drink lots of water. 


PLEASE NOTE: Graham's treatments should not be used as an alternative to seeking medical advice. 

Biofield Viewer Technology
Biofield Viewer Technology Set up

Biofield Viewer™ is a live biofield imaging system for monitoring healing progress. The Biofield Viewer™ looks at light interference and changes in your biofield auric field to identify any blockages that may reveal root causes of symptoms and illnesses. Areas of well-being are usually indicated by a mixture of lighter, brighter, balanced and more harmonious patterns, symmetry and colours. While dis-eased and stressed areas can show as distorted, darker and congested pools of low energy colours.


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ES-Teck Body Scan
ES-Teck Body Scan tumbnail

The ES-Teck Body Scan System is advanced technology that has been regsitered as a Class III Medical Device in Canada. Using an “Oximeter” it observes the heart rate, tissue oxygen uptake, arterial stiffness, hemodynamic indicators and autonomic nervous system (ANS) levels of activity. Using the Electro Interstitial Scan (EIS), an addition to the ES-Teck, is similar to an ECG. It is a combination of non-invasive bio-impedance sensors that send a slight electrical impulse through the interstitial fluid of the body and measures the ease or difficulty with which the current travels. Reading the “messages from your body” allows us to see the state of your health through 3D coloured body models and easy to read charts.


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