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Centre for Biofield Sciences (CBS)
Dr. Thornton Streeter

Dr. Thorton Streeter, CEO of the Centre for Biofield Sciences

Centre for Biofield Sciences (CBS)


The Centre for Biofield Sciences is an integrated health education and training organisation with a focus on bio-energic research. The Biofield Sciences headquarters are in Exeter, UK and The World Peace Centre, Pune India. 


CBS uses modern technological advances in holistic assessment to help establish a framework for an integrated approach to healthcare and a sustainable preventative community-based model. 


"We research, treat, qualify and quantify dis-eases and stresses, and validate and correlate the benefits and effects of various healing methods and equipment." 


The main focus of research is in identifying the stages for the onset of each dis-ease state and therefore establishing an individuals health trajectory. CBS also does research at other medical institutions, along with affiliations at leading universities and individuals in health sciences.


CBS endorses natural or complementary treatment methods and equipment and has been a trainer and mentor to Graham Wilkinson. Leading the world in Energy Medicine Research.


Under Dr. Thorton Streeter's guidance, Graham Wilkinson and his team have built up a record of case studies of clients who have presented with a variety of different symptoms. 


Dr Streeter is a special advisor to the ICM and UK's leading authority on complementary medicine and as a faculty member of the Zoroastrian College, Holistic Health Department has been invited to promote their NGO status with the United Nations to have his training programmes recognised in 190 countries. He is the founder and director of the Centre for Biofield Sciences UK and India. He has spent over fifteen years specialising on researching the human biofield. Across the globe, he initiates Energy Centres, designed to integrate modern medicine with traditional understanding from Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine. 


Dr Streeter is one of the few certified trainers of Biofield Viewer and has overseen the development of a uniquely recognised and officially approved training programme. 


Member of:  ACEP, BRCT, CMA, ICM, Friend of the Prince of Wales Foundation for Integrated Medicine and Fellow of World Association of Integrated Medicine, visiting lecturer at Westminster University, UK.  Since 2008 appointed to serve on the Board of Directors of the North American Academy of Energy Medicine (NAAcEM)


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