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Could your posture be the number one reason why your pain persists?


7 Cumulative Reasons why this could be the case[i]:

  • Our bodies are designed to operate and function dominated by gravity…

  • The organs can sit in an incorrect position affecting function…

  • This can add to fatigue and weight gain…                              

  • Fatigue may have an effect on recovery time…

  • The Nervous system becomes overstretched and unable to cope…

  • Joints wear out affecting ability to exercise, toxins build up, and illness follows...

  • The whole body system starts to break down due to incorrect messages going to brain.



Why is Science often ignored?

In 1921, Dr. Henry Winsor investigated whether there was a connection between minor curvatures of the spine and diseased organs or if these were independent of each other. He was given permission by the University of Pennsylvania to conduct this research. In a series of three studies, he dissected a total of 75 human and 22 cat cadavers, known today as "The Winsor Autopsies". His experiment resulted in a nearly 100% correlation between minor curvatures of the spine and diseases of the internal organs. Dr Winsor’s results were published in The Medical Times, November 1921, and are found in any medical library.[ii] [iii]


Dr. Joel Goldwaite’ in the early 20th century was a surgeon who’s work was studied by Harvard Medical school. His concern as a surgeon was used to lay the foundation of modern bodywork. The Mal-position of an organ will disturb its function. He said, any imbalance can cause one part of the body to be strained more than the other, so no one part of the body can be strained without affecting the whole body.[iv]


At Healthwise Energy Centre we understand the ways in which gravity interacts with the body.

Below are some pictures to better describe the arrears of the body highlighted with the Biofield scans and particular organs disturbed. The pictures can give you an indication of why the body cannot heal without help.


On the far left is an example of good posture where body is aligned correctly to centre of gravity.


On the left is an example showing poor posture which can result in…

  • Spine under tension which can affect thyroid, hormonal cycle, including PMT, fibroids, libido, fertility, and even prostate issues

  • Gut forward putting stress on the heart, intense stress on lower back, kidneys, adrenal fatigue etc.

  • Pelvis forward can cause joints to wear out

  • Feet arched sends the wrong messages sent to brain


And overall the effect of poor blood flow to brain may cause…

  • Lower oxygen levels resulting in the inability to function quickly, which can affect your focus, memory causing fatigue.

  • Another serious concern here is the build up of plaque causing Dementia and early onset Alzheimer’s.

  • When the thyroid is pinched blood flow is slowed, often the parathyroid comes under increasing pressure, if it malfunctions calcium fails to go into the bone, so bone density is poor. And we wonder if calcium creates bone spurs but layers in the brain. Carpel tunnel syndrome is an early warning.

  • If nerves are pinched this can cause pain and headaches

  • Vagus nerve interference may also resulting serious fatigue


By now you may be getting an understanding why is posture so important. When structure and posture are poor this can have an effect on the nervous system, then the hormonal system seems to get out of harmony. The trickle down effect could result in chronic pain, chronic fatigue, migraines, headaches, dizziness, and if the thyroid is affected the hormones are can give you concern. Often the pain is referred, therefore overlooked and the symptoms helped but not the cause.


Many have back pain but could it be kidney problems, or lungs inflamed, asthma and allergies need the lungs and sinus glands cleared, the toxins out of the lymphatic system.


If you are concerned posture is causing health conditions, give Graham a call to dicuss your situation. 


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[iii] Medical Times, November 1921, pp. 1-7, Henry Winsor, MD


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Crooked building showing poor posture
Axis of Gravity showing good posture
Axis of Gravity showing poor posture

Axis of Gravity showing good posture (left) and poor posture (right). 

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