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TMJ, Anatomy of the Jaw Joint

The Jaw Joint, Hypoglycemia and Candida

The Temporomandibular Joint


The temporomandibular jaw joint is also known as the jaw joint or TMJ. The TMJ is the hinge at the side of the face that connects the jaw, or mandible, to the temporal bone of the skull. It is located just in front of the ear and is the joint from which all jaw movements take place.


Approximately 40% of the nerves leave the cranium through the TMJ. If these nerves are suppressed or restricted in any manner through the TMJ being out of alignment, this can cause serious and far-reaching health problems.


Since the TMJ problem is a cumulative disorder, you might notice such early signs as feature imbalance, pain radiating up the side of the head from in front of the ear, muscle cramps and pain in the shoulders and neck; earaches and toothaches despite the absence of infection. You might notice symptoms of pain arising in the arms, lower back and legs.


1. Self-evaluation for the TMJ problem


Gently insert the ends of your little fingers into your ears and press forward, toward the front of the ear, while opening and closing your mouth several times. If your TMJ is normal, you will feel nothing unusual. If your jaw is unbalanced, however, you will feel the head of the jawbone, pushing against your finger. This will be quite noticeable on the side which is most severely out of place. Any pain you may feel is a further indication of trouble.


2. TMJ is the most important joint in the body


Or. John Diamond, M.D., of Valley Cottage, New York stated in an address given to the International College of Applied Kinesiology in June 1976, “the TMJ is the most important joint in the body.” Any uncorrected balance in the jaw joint can lead to symptoms and illnesses anywhere in the body.


Or. Harold Arlen, M.D. states the TMJ syndrome is a physical problem but eventually affects one psychologically. Patients with ear pain, fullness, hearing loss, loss of equilibrium have a disorder of the TMJ associated with the spasm of the muscles of mastication.


George Goodheart, D.C. stated the TMJ is the most important joint in the body and it actually can cause circulation problems, lymphatic blockage and could have psychological influences.


Dr. Allen Shore, DDS states in the October 1970 issue of Dental Survey that approximately 20% of the Population is afflicted with some form of TMJ dysfunction; the condition is misdiagnosed in a majority of cases. Kinesiological and Dermatron methods show that the figure is closer to 40%.


3. The function of the TMJ


The TMJ is a primary intersection for the circulation of blood to and from the brain. Most headaches are a result of a disturbance in blood supply to the brain, and oral stress causes the neck to tighten, restricting circulation. This area is also a crucial pathway for the transmission of neural impulses. To have this centre and the major muscle groups that operate the mouth and lower jaw in a constant state of stress leads not only to physical tension but to abnormal changes in hormonal and chemical balance as well.


It is also known that four bio-electromagnetic circuits pass through the TMJ area. These are: Small Intestine Circuit, Gall Bladder Circuit, Stomach Circuit and Endocrine Circuits1. An abnormal TMJ affects all structures on these circuits resulting in clinical symptoms.


4. The Brain, the Jaw and the Ear


Dr. Harold Arlen, M.D. suggests neural patterns are established within the brain stem in which the jaw bone and ear bone movements are integrated.


This is the key to the relationship between the jaw and ear dysfunction that is plaguing modern man, along with the deterioration of others parts of the jaw and dental apparatus. Dr. Ailen goes on to state, “We must look into the disturbances in neuromuscular joint dysfunction. This takes us into the central nervous system.”


5. More symptoms of the TMJ syndrome:


  • TMJ pain in the ear

  • Sinusitis

  • Backache, neck problems

  • Scoliosis

  • Headache

  • Equilibrium problems

  • Weak muscle

  • Leg length abnormality – pelvis out of alignment

  • Shoulder problems

  • Muscular weakness and imbalance (MS)

  • Earache

  • Stomach problems

  • Tinnitus

  • Small intestine abnormality

  • Middle and inner ear problem

  • Endocrine abnormality and irregularities


“Nutritional and/or environmental stressors can cause functional disorders. The abnormal neurology, endocrinology, and kinesiology (muscle function) can interfere with proper growth and development resulting in malocclusion. The malocclusion can become an additional stressor (structural distress) which perpetuates and aggravates the state of stress within the patient.”


“Hypoglycaemia is directly related with temporomandibular joint (jaw joint) disturbances through the electromagnetic system. Experience has shown that practically all TMJ syndromes involve hypoglycaemia (low blood sugar). Correcting TMJ problems often results in improvement of or correction of the symptoms just listed.” James Ouye, D.D.S.


There are four bioelectromagnetic circuits which pass through the TMJ area. If the TMJ is out of alignment it will affect all of these circuits adversely. One of these circuits is the stomach circuit which corresponds with the 'paired organ' – spleen-pancreas


Summarising the above, reason would follow that spleen deficiency can be caused by an imbalance of the jaw joint. The jaw joint is adversely affected through nutritional (chemicals, preservatives, pesticides, etc.) and environmental factors (Fluorides and heavy metals, i.e. mercury and nickel.


The following excerpt from the book, THE REAL AMERICAN TRAGEDY has a very interesting section on the jaw joint and fluoridation which will tie in with how jaw joint problems are formed in this country through environmental pollutants (see below):


“The official data reveals the aggravations of oral conditions in Newburgh: There is a radical increase in malocclusion, i.e. improper meshing of the teeth of the two jaws when the mouth is closed. Furthermore, according to the University of the State of New York, in 1954, in Newburgh 3 out of every 5 children suffered from some oral trouble as compared with 2 out of 5 in Kingston, a neighbouring non-fluoridated city chosen by PHS for a comparison. Another unexpected discovery was made. The dental arch of fluoridated children became deformed.”


6. The connection between the thymus, the jaw joint, vertebrae C1, C2


C1 and C2 are the first two vertebrae in the neck area – the atlas and axis. The atlas is called the "king pin‟ (most important vertebrae). If these vertebrae are out of alignment, the entire structure will be out of alignment. Both of these vertebrae supply the THYMUS. Through mis-alignment, nerve flow from C1 and C2 to the thymus will affect its production of T cells, which in turn will affect the function of the immune system.


7. The relationship between Candida, Hypoglycaemia, the jaw joint, fluoride


Symptoms of Hypoglycaemia (from 100 cases) by Carlton Fredericks, PhD.


Jaw joint problems lead to an imbalance of the pH in the saliva. This in turn will upset the balance of the intestinal flora. Not only will this cause functional disorders but also structural disorders which will in turn affect the ileocecal valve, perhaps causing it to remain in an open position, letting food particles re-enter the intentional tract, thus causing parasites, etc.


It is also important to know that one of the four “bio-electromagnetic” circuits which pass through the TMJ is the endocrine circuit, which regulates the thymus. If this circuit is interfered with through jaw joint misalignment you will then have a thymus dis-regulation.


From the above paragraphs, you the reader can now discern why Dr. R. Voll. M.D. of West Germany (Nobel Prize Candidate for Medicine, 1983, 1984) stated that the jaw joint was the most important joint in the body. You the reader can now also see when there is a jaw joint misalignment, hypoglycaemia and then Candida follow in a natural sequence.


Dr. David Eggleston, D.D.S. and Professor of Dentistry at the University of Southern California stated,


“Malocclusion has generally been assumed to be genetic in origin. But genetics do NOT explain the dramatic increase in malocclusion in ONE GENERATION when a primitive society adopts a "civilized‟ diet and/or lifestyle. It is common in the United States for people to have heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, dental carries, malocclusion…..”


“Abnormal function of the nervous and endocrine system (including the immune system) with no underlying structural deformity of these systems, is considered a functional disorder. When the patient is under distress the nervous system and the endocrine system send out their distress signals. When the person is under distress, the signals from these two systems are not normal and functional disorders occur.”


“Abnormal endocrine, nervous and muscular system function creates poor digestion, poor blood and lymph circulation, electrolyte imbalance, hormonal imbalance and low resistance to microbes. These are the major factors in the patho-genesis of dental and systemic degenerative diseases.”


In the above paragraph Dr. Eggleston mentions nutritional and environmental stressors which cause functional disorders “jaw joint syndrome”. Some of these nutritional stressors are the preservatives and chemicals in the food, and the pesticides being used on the soil. Some of the environmental stressors are of course fluoride which is in the drinking water and is being emitted through nuclear plants and other industrial sites.


"Any abnormal muscle function resulting from functional disorders (tongue thrusting, ileocecal valve spasm, etc) will cause changes in skeletal muscle or soft tissue (malocclusion, colitis, etc). These abnormalities can be perceived by the brain as a distress.”


Again Dr. Eggleston explains how having a jaw joint syndrome leads to a malfunctioning ileocecal valve. This of course can lead one to become a prime candidate for Candida. Refer back to the introduction in Dr. John Lubecki‟s book on “Body Balancing” and the consequences of a malfunctioning ileocecal valve.


“Occlusal adjustment by the dentist will eliminate the distress of malocclusion but if the nutritional and environmental stressors remain at a level above the patient‟s distress threshold, the abnormal function will continue.”


SUMMARY: The following hypothesis has been proposed: Stressors – environmental and/or nutritional can cause functional disorders. Functional disorders are abnormal neurology, endocrinology, and kinesiology without underlying organic pathology. The malfunction of these three systems is a major factor in the pathogenesis of systemic and dental degenerative diseases.


Dr. Eggleston stresses that functional problems (jaw joint problems) lead to abnormal neurology, endocrinology (immune system) and kinesiology (muscle system) and that these problems are not genetic in origin but from a daily stress of nutritional and environmental factors.


Information from the above article is from: The Interrelationship of Stress and Degenerative Diseases The Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry, November 1980, Volume 44, Number 5 by Davaid Eggleston, D.D.S.


For reprint requests write to Dr. D W Eggleston, DDS, 1441 Avocado Avenue, Ste 508, Newport Beach, California 92660.


The above article ties in with Dr. Carlton Fredericks Symptoms of Hypoglycaemia and the paragraph following, written by Dr. James Ouye, who relates that jaw joint symptoms or problems lead to hypoglycaemia. Over 50% of the US population have jaw joint problems. This would mean that over 50% have symptoms of hypoglycaemia.


According to Dr. Luc De Schepper, M.D. and Acupuncturist the spleen is the master of the immune system and both hypoglycaemia and candida are a spleen deficiency


1 Included in the Endocrine system is the "Thymus”. If the TMJ is out of alignment this will in turn affect the Thymus cutting down on the nerve stimulation sent to it in order for it to function properly. Again, when the Thymus is working improperly the "T‟ cells are not released in full strength and this in turn sets up the foreign invader to come in and take over as the "T‟ cells are unable to fight these invaders.



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