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What's Plan B When Your Doctor Can't Help You?

Compiled and Edited by Graham Wilkinson, 2015

Ailments & Conditions


Graham has experience treating clients from painful injuries to illnesses, aches and pains to mental health, hormone issues to chronic fatigue.


One comment Graham hears the most is "I've tried everything".


Graham has had remarkable results with his special hands-on holistic approached, coupled with the Biofield and ES-Teck technologies, as he treats the whole body holistically (and not just focussing on the one issue or area).


There are certainly some ailments and conditions, that clients experience more than others. Through Graham's extensive research, he's been able to provide additional information on some of these.


Graham has curated an 81-page e-book "What's Plan B When Your Doctor Can't Help You" which includes a collection of carefully chosen articles, research and experts opinions by the world's leaders on energy healing, posture and the impact on healing, heart and brain health, and other common inflammatory ailments. 


This eye-opening information with selected articles is combined with Graham's reflection and interpretation using the breakthrough technology used at Healthwise; the Biofield Viewer™ and ES Teck Full Body Scan.

The temporomandibular jaw joint is the hinge at the side of the face that connects the jaw, or mandible, to the temporal bone of the skull, also known as the jaw joint or TMJ. 


Approximately 40% of the nerves leave the cranium through the TMJ. If these nerves are suppressed or restricted in any manner through the TMJ being out of alignment, this can cause serious and far reaching health problems. TMJ misalignment can often cause unbearable neck, shoulder and back pain, headaches, grinding teeth, ringing in the ears, light sensitivity, ME and an array of other symptoms.

Click here to read the Healthwise Jaw Report. 

According to Dr. James Oschman, groundbreaking author on Energy Medicine, our bodies are designed to operate and function dominated by gravity.


The organs can sit in an incorrect position affecting function, this can add to fatigue and weight gain. Fatigue may have an effect on recovery time.


The Nervous system becomes overstretched and unable to cope. Joints wear out affecting ability to exercise, toxins build up, and illness follows. The whole body system starts to break down due to incorrect messages going to brain.


Click here to

Back Pain

Many people have had back pain at some time or another during their life. I have lost track of how many times I have heard “I just bent down to... and wham my back was out.” This could be a good time to ask your self ‘why is my back not strong enough to hold me up’.


There is much debate and controversy about neck and back problems, mainly because of the many misconceptions about back pain and treatment. There are many similar symptoms that come from different problems. The cause of the back pain needs to be addressed not the symptoms.


Download the Healthwise Energy Centre "Best Little Back Book About Back Pain: 10 Things You Wont Be Told About Why You Have Back Pain!" here.  


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